It began in the late winter of 1927 and the spring of 1928 , International Lions representative George Bormuth (Fort Wayne Central Lions Club) and Herman Stern (Garrett Lions) recruited 28 business and professional men of Auburn to be our founding fathers.  Almost before the group could catch its breath, the stock market crash and depression were upon them.  If it was money to raise, it was tough; if it was muscle and influence, they could muster that.  Within ten years, they had spearheaded movements to improve the safety (West Seventh railroad crossing gates) and improve the infrastructure (new Cedar Creek bridges at 7th and 9th Streets).  And … They, had found the most dependable fundraiser in ALC history, the fair raffle (and not always a car once sidestepping a state anti0gambling crusade (?) they hustled aprons at their fair booth… and … snow cones!!)

To Herman Stern (Garrett Lions) and George Bormuth, Lions International representative of the Fort Wayne Central Lions Club, we extend a sincere and grateful THANK YOU for assisting us in establishing an abiding goal of service to mankind.